The one constant in life is change, as the saying goes, which means that in an ever-changing and shifting world, companies and organisations need to be prepared for the inevitable.

It’s here where Miraya excels, helping both civilian and military organisations through these continual changes, preparing them for adjustments and fluctuations, and helping them perform to the best of their ability throughout. Through real life exercises and training, Miraya has made it possible for these organisations to visualise input data and transform it into concrete intelligence, allowing them to work at optimal speeds and pave the way for future strategies.


With our services and tools, we help law enformcement agencies, rescue service etc.

In an emergency, arriving at the right place, at the right time and with proper equipment and staff can often be a matter of life and death. There is little room for error.

But not only do people in law enforcement, fire departments, rescue services and hospitals have to deliver this service to the citizens, most emergency services also work with strict financial limitations and have to make the best use of their budgets.

It’s here that Miraya can make a practical difference – by using empirical data from actual events to provide emergency services with actionable insights that can help improve their operations, and allow them to continue serving the public as cost-effectively as possible.



Miraya has a long history of implementing and optimising complex data sources in organisations that demand flawless execution.


Emergency services have high logistical standards, with lives literally depending on their ability to arrive at the right place, at the right time. At Miraya, we have tried and tested experience in working with exactly these types of organisations, delivering world-class quality and services both to our clients and the communities they serve. When partnering with emergency services, we offer stress tests, event reconstruction, and continual improvements to ensure the public receive the highest level of care at all times.


When it comes to tracking and rescue operations, time is a crucial factor

A minute saved can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome, and sometimes between life and death. By retrospectively compiling, analysing and evaluating events, we can identify potential improvements that could result in more effective life-saving interventions in the future.



Terrain effect on line-of-sight and small object detection capabilities


Using high resolution topographic data Miraya could evaluate the effect of terrain for a particular surveillance installation, allowing for operators to take geographic obstacles such as trees and larger stones into account in their decision making. On top of this, Miraya could evaluate the system against objects smaller than the system originally was specified for. By adding the topographic information on top of the sensor data and position from a small UAV, the limitations and possibilities for small object detection could be evaluated and the operators can feel more comfortable knowing the actual capabilities of the system.


Preemptive risk evaluation for high voltage power lines

During the planning step of a refurbishment project of a commuter train route an idea was to modernize the power delivery system. This would require an increase in voltage for the trains which comes with new safety requirements. One of those requirements is the distance from the power lines to nearby buildings. In order to preemptively evaluate how many buildings would actually be affected by such a change, Miraya utilized aerial photographies and local GIS data to find affected buildings. By using this data, the amount of buildings requiring individual assessment and safety solutions went from hundreds to less than twenty. A significant reduction in manual evaluation needed.



Being able to execute a strategy more effectively than the competition can help to create a higher value for customers and shareholders. But being able to do so requires data and insights – elements that Miraya can provide

Formulating a winning strategy in order to gain a competitive advantage can be difficult. It requires a sound understanding of where a business is currently, where it is heading, and the steps needed to take it in the right direction. More than this, executing a successful business strategy requires operational excellence – needing to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to continue improving. In short, both formulating a sound strategy and executing it requires data, business intelligence and insights.

It’s here where Miraya comes in – providing tools and services to help your company or organisation make sense of existing data, and gain actionable insights that will enable you to become more competitive, more productive, and more successful.