Assisting ASW operations

What is Miraya Detector

Miraya Detector integrates with exsiting ASW solutions by reading the real-time data streams. Through advanced signal processing methods and algorithms Miraya Detector improves detection, classification and tracking of underwater threats. Miraya Detector was developed to assist in littoral operations, an environment that is particulary arduous for ASW operations.

The software is built so that it can easily and cost-effectively be adapted and connected to different kinds of active sonar systems. Miraya Detector runs alongside existing solutions with different levels of incorporation with existing CMS or Sonar operation software.

Its simulation mode and event playback offers the ability to train ASW operators in close to true conditions which is a cost effective way to give the ASW operators time to test tactics and train methods.

Miraya Detector functionality

Miraya Detector is a support tool for ASW operators with automatic detection, tracking, classification, training and post event analysis.

Adaptive Signal Processing

With adaptive signal processing algorithms, Miraya Detector enhances the sonar picture to find threats with low target source levels.

Automatic Target Detection and Tracking

With advanced detection and tracking algorithms, Miraya Detector automatically initiates and tracks underwater targets. The algorithms is built to be robust even when the environmental conditions is hard.

Historical Trails

Tracking underwater targets can be tricky due to lack of clear movement patterns and bottom geology interference. Miraya Detector help operators with overlaying previous detections together with the real time sonar data.

Simulation and Training

Miraya Detector has a built in simulation mode which offers a great opportunity to simulate contacts in a true to reality conditions. It can be used to train ASW operators to detect and classify targets pre exercise in order to familiarise ASW operators to different conditions without even leaving the harbour, or to be used in a classroom environment for ASW training.

Post Event Playback and Analysis

Miraya Detector has the ability to record data which can be used to evaluate true events or an exercise. It’s more than a screen recording, you can test different detection algorithms on recorded data in order to find evidence or playback an exercise event.

Benefits of Miraya Detector

The best aid in a complex environment.

The littoral environment is complex with varying geology and bathymetry creating difficulty for traditional active sonar systems. Through the use of adaptive signal processing Miraya Detector finds potential targets, tracks them through the difficult bottom conditions. Miraya Detector help operators find, track and classifies the actual targets faster.


Miraya Detector can be installed as a stand alone support system or be completely integrated with existing CMS and Sonar Systems, offering track information and classification support. One of the core ideas of Miraya Detector is for it to run alongside any active sonar system and be an aid for all operators, seasoned veterans and newly educated alike.


Geographical information is key when working in a subsurface environment. Being able to quickly distinguish bottom objects or formation from unknown moving contacts is key to any successful operation. Therefore Miraya Detector not only help to detect and track targets but also offer integration with any geographical data required so that operators with confidence can distinguish different contacts.

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