The one constant in life is change, as the saying goes, which means that in an ever-changing and shifting world, companies and organisations need to be prepared for the inevitable.

It’s here where Miraya excels, helping both civilian and military organisations through these continual changes, preparing them for adjustments and fluctuations, and helping them perform to the best of their ability throughout. Through real life exercises and training, Miraya has made it possible for these organisations to visualise input data and transform it into concrete intelligence, allowing them to work at optimal speeds and pave the way for future strategies.


With our unique and proven method, our experienced consultants will help you better understand your data, and deliver actionable insights.

In the military, anti-aircraft warfare and aircraft missiles are purposely built to avoid each other. By employing our unique method we are able to gather data from both, and combine it with map data, surveillance data, graphs, and other relevant information to provide sound intelligence. And the same goes for civilian organisations as well.

These results are made possible through the use of the Miraya method – a system designed to recreate and visualise events by way of gathering different types of data from any part of an organisation, and its products or services.

By merging different data, we are able to reconstruct an event, apply a holistic approach, and display visual, analytic results that give our clients a unique perspective on particular incidents as they have occurred. This analytical method has been successfully battle proven within the Swedish Armed Forces, but can easily be applied to a wide variety of businesses and needs.



Piecing together operational events

The need for documenting and proving a certain chain of events is crucial in modern conflicts. In order to respond to an incident with correct actions and prove those actions were justified, documentation and data collection is key. 

It is also crucial in order to counter misinformation and subversive operations. We at Miraya have the tools and knowledge to piece together all available data to build a picture of the true events and have done so for the military for years. 


Working close with the military

Military exercises are generate a lot of data, if this data is not collected, stored and analysed, valuable insights and lessons learned risk being lost.  Miraya has worked close with the military for over a decade to analyze exercise data. Thanks to Miraya Insight, we compile huge amounts of data from a variety of sources and are able to present a comprehensive picture and replay events as they really happened. Thus giving the participants the ability to see how their actions affected the outcome of the exercise and providing historical data to build on for future tactical refinement.



Miraya’s services can be successfully used for validation, test evaluation, and troubleshooting systems

By using data analysis and geographic data visualisation, we have been able to identify errors in the visualisation of aircraft transponder systems. We achieved this by combining and visualising the navigation data from the aircraft (GPS), the search and surveillance radar, and the broken transponder system. As a result, we were able to clarify that the error was due to an incorrect geographical basis for calculating the position of the transponder.