What is Miraya Insight

Miraya Insight is a tool designed for operational analysis and continuous improvements. By combining data from different sources, Miraya Insight enables analysts and investigators to analyse data from actual events, to map it, and to present it to you in the form of 3D visualisations, GIS data and graphs. Viewing an operation from this holistic perspective will give you not only an understanding of the events themselves, but of their causes as well. In this way, you will have informed insights into both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

Miraya Insight is unique in many ways, but its ability to combine data independently of its source, technical system or format is what truly sets it apart. Thanks to Miraya Insight’s unique design, no modifications to existing systems are necessary – because if you have the data, Insight can easily use it. What this means is no time wasted on upgrades, no hassle or stress, and no risk of any critical data being lost, corrupt, or distorted. Instead, all guesswork and biases are eliminated, with operational decisions becoming clear, fact-based, and more cost-effective.

Advantages with Miraya Insight

With its many features and functions, Miraya Insight enables you to receive actionable insights from complex data in a number of ways, with a number of very real benefits:


To be able to strengthen operational weaknesses or rectify flaws, they first need to be identified  – Miraya Insight answers the questions of what actually happened and why.

Complex operations

Merging data from various kinds of systems provides clear and structured information –  Miraya Insight makes complex chains of events more understandable.

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Rapid insights

Time is often a critical factor, with analyses and investigations needing to be conducted quickly. With Miraya Insight’s unique database model, its APIs and algorithms you can get deep insights in just a few hours or days, as opposed to traditional month-long waiting times.

Why use Miraya Insight?

Making sense of complex data from multiple sources.

A comprehensive analysis of data from multiple sources is always more accurate than one based on data with no context. As such, Miraya Insight has been designed to merge and manage data in order to provide a unified overview of an event that is as exact and precise as possible. This form of data management provides analysts with a much-needed holistic view, and gives them greater opportunities to understand sequences of events, and to isolate specific areas of interest.

Given that we tend to process visual information more easily than written information and tables of data, particularly in the case of spatial and temporal data, Miraya has been designed to merge complex data from different sources and to present it in a visual format as it changes over space and time. This form of visual representation ensures a faster comprehension of intricate relationships, making it easier to find correlations between operational functions and actual outcomes. Information in Miraya Insights can then be displayed graphically, in the form of diagrams, charts, timelines, 3D visualisations and more, facilitating the decision-making process and providing clear, fact-based insights.

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How Miraya Insight works

Miraya Insight is based on a unique data model developed over the course of 15 years. On top of this data model is a large set of algorithms, a geographical visualization engine, and a chart generator in order to successfully process and analyze large amounts of data.

Miraya Insight’s ability to combine data in any format, independently of its source or technical system makes its data model unique and allows it to analyse data from a variety of different sources, such as sensors, management systems, engagement systems, geographical data, environmental data, and more. Our existing customers currently use more than 50 different data formats that Miraya Insight easily read as data sources. New data sources can be incorporated into the data model within hours.

Step 1 – Data collection: Data is gathered from a wide range of sources from platforms such as ships, airplanes or land based units. From the platforms sensor data, engagement systems, and management systems, data is read. With no need for the data to be pre-formatted according to proprietary standards, Miraya Insight is easily adapted to the raw data format of each of the systems.

Step 2 – Data merging: All relevant data is normalized and seamlessly imported into Miraya Insight.

Step 3 – Analysis: By analyzing and presenting vast quantities of complex data visually, and merging it with other data such as GIS information, patterns and trends emerge more easily, leading to actionable insights.

How Miraya Inisght works

Click the image to see a larger version of the Miraya Insight process.

Who is Miraya Insight designed for?

Miraya Insight is a battle proven system in that it is used today by military branches to evaluate exercises and operations and to validate new systems.

Our users is to be found in the navy, air force, and the army, where analysts and investigators use it to gain insights into anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, surface warfare, ground to air warfare, and more. Typical uses include:

  • Analysis to gain insights from live operations – helping to answer questions such as what actually happened, and why did it happen.
  • Weapon engagements outcome – determining the underlying causes for any particular results identified by the data.
  • Evaluations are based on the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) – by analyzing and gaining actionable insights into who did what, when and how.
  • System and tactical deficiencies – discovering and identifying the root causes of deficiencies and deviations.

Functions in Miraya Insight

Miraya Insight is full of functions that help you analyse and make sense of your data. Below are just a few of the many functions available to you:

  • 3D Visualisation in the Time Domain – The 3D visualisation capabilities of Insight give you the possibility to playback events and analyse them in detail and at appropriate speeds. You can also enrich your data with information from the surrounding environment.
  • Event Sequence Diagram – These are diagrams allow you to clearly get an overview of a sequence of events.
  • Operations View – Get a clear picture of previously analysed operations and events.
  • Data Management – Provides you with an overview of the data available for analysis.
  • Analysis Algorithms – A large set of analysis algorithms that facilitate the work of the investigator or analyst, such as automatic distance calculations, CPA calculations and sensor contacts evaluations.
  • Graphs – A variety of graphs that visualise your data, for example distance graphs, bearing graphs, contact graph charts and many more.
  • GIS Analysis – Miraya Insight enables the connection to different GIS tools for analysis of geographical data.
  • Evaluation Critera – Miraya Insights allows for automatic evaluation of events using predefined criteria
  • Trend Analysis – Analyse results and situations from many events creates a way of pointing out trends on how things change over time.

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