How we collect uses Google Analytics to track the performance of the site. Only a limited amount of approved users can access the data from Google Analytics.

To track returning clients, Google Analytics uses a unique identifier cookie. This contains an ID unique for each visiting client. This does not collect any personal information about the user of said client.

We reduce the amount of personal information that is collected and anonymise your IP address to increase the anonymity of the data further.

What we collect

We limit what Google Analytics gathers. We use Google Analytics to track what country visitors originate from, what operating system and/or web browser they utilised to visit our site, and at what time of day. We also collect how long a visitor stays on our page and how they got there (e.g., through a direct URL match or via search engines).

Why we collect collects statistics to monitor the performance of the site to find areas of improvement. We also use it to track the effects of ad campaigns and to evaluate the impact of campaigns and other marketing activities. 

We do not use targeted ads, and no information for such use is being collected. 

How long do we keep the data

The data is stored for 14 months.