Our Services

Your data holds answers and solutions to many of your business challenges. At Miraya, it’s our job to help you transform that data into actionable insights.

While you may have a variety of data available to you, if you aren’t able to analyse it and draw conclusions from it, your data loses its worth. By gathering and combining empirical data from different sources, we can help provide you with valuable real-world insights, such as the outcome of your exercise, or how to establish a reliable timeframe for crime. With just the data as the source we’ll provide knowledge, intelligence and actionable insights, every time.

Operational Analysis Support

Approaching a question or a problem by looking beyond the issue and considering it in its entirety

At Miraya, we believe that the best way to build insights and tackle problems is by taking a holistic approach and considering issues from many different perspectives. Miraya Insight, which is our scientifically based method, will allow you to receive in-depth insights into your operations quickly, and to apply them effectively.

Data Analytics

Analysing your data to identify weaknesses, find causality and gain insights

It is our core business to help you gather, analyse and derive actionable insights from your data that can then be used to improve your operations. Our experts may also merge your data with other data sources to get a more comprehensive perspective of your data and gain even deeper and more profound insights.

Data Visualization

Visualising your data to make information more accessible and easier to understand

Reports and spreadsheets can only go so far – we will help you to visualise your data so that you can comprehend complex events and relationships faster and more easily than with traditional methods. This method of visualisation allows you to understand the connection between operations and results, helping you to identify key patterns and trends.


Data collection

By gathering data from different data sources and systems and merging them with our software, we are able to analyse complex events based on system data otherwise designed to detect or attack itself, all from a holistic perspective.


Environmental context

Collecting data from different sources and merging it with geographical and environmental data allows us to securely identify a timeline of occurred events, and provides us with insights on what did or did not occur, and what improvements can be made going forward.


Knowledge and insights

Once data has been collected and fused, you will get knowledge, insight and intelligence, presented in graphs, reports and with an interactive 3D data visualisation.